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ENSCC End Seminar on 20th of April, in Vienna Austria

Our result seminar is aimed at discussing the possible policy implications of the different results of our project with our Advisory Board and our stakeholders.

This seminar is free of charge, but we have a limited amount of seats (as we want to have an active dialogue with the participants). You can see the program and register at:

End Seminar

We especially welcome practitioners and professionals attending TRA 2018 to prolonge their stay in Vienna and join us in discussing the future of commuting in urban and peri-urban Europe.


ENSCC Smart Commuting General Assembly Meeting in Tampere, Finland

Our third General Assembly Meeting in Tampere, Finland, was full of partners’ results from our project and also we started the work on possible policy recommendations based on these results.

The meeting was streamed to our Advisory Board, but due to recent announcements (e.g. Kyyti and PostBus Switzerland sign business cooperation) and implementations in the Growth Corridor Finland, we will add the details in our public deliverables once they are confirmed:


Our End Seminar will be held in April 2018, in Vienna, Austria.

Smart Commuting researchers and practitioners collaborate in writing the Best Paper in IcoMaaS conference

Our paper “Regulation and Governance Supporting Systemic MaaS Innovations – Towards Innovation Platforms” discussing our stakeholders survey results and potential implications for the regional collaboration won the best paper award in 1st International Conference on Mobility as a Service (ICoMaaS).

As this paper will be submitted for publication in Research in Transportation Business & Management (RTBM) journal, we won’t share the conference paper at this time.

The great people working on this paper were:

Teemu Surakka (Aalto University)

Fabian Härri (ZHAW)

Tero Haahtela (Aalto University)

Anne Horila (The Growth Corridor Finland)

Tobias Michl (ZHAW)


Congrats to all!

Kyyti and PostBus Switzerland sign business cooperation

ICoMaaS conference was exciting times for many reasons – Kyyti announced their collaboration with PostBus Switzerland. Although Smart Commuting project won’t most likely be able to assess the impact of this market expansion within the project’s duration, we hope that our project has been beneficial for this expansion with our previous results.

More information can be found from Kyyti press release:


One month pilot was conducted in the City of Brugg in the start of 2018:

and now the service is expanding with the name of Kollibri:




While progress is still stalling in the Growth Corridor Finland with the electrification of the transportation, we applaud the success of AC2SG Software in India.

More information can be found in the press release:

ISTmobil expands to the district of Graz-Umgebung

Our co-operation partner ISTmobil GmbH has expanded their operations from the original case area of Smart Commuting (district of Korneuburg) to the municipalities surrounding the city of Graz. Congrats!

Kyyti: revolutionary taxi-pooling service launched in Finland

Yesterday, our project partner Tuup launched a taxi-pooling service in Finland called Kyyti. Kyyti service is based on sharing the same taxi with other customers. The prices start from only 2 euros for a ride.

Kyyti is an example of such a service that the Smart Commuting project is for: a new sustainable service that solves the last mile problem in a customer-oriented way. This new service is expected to drastically change the way people commute by enabling smarter travel chains. Kyyti improves the offerings both in the cities and the rural areas.

Tuup, together with its strategic partners, has developed this service partly in Smart Commuting project. The purpose is also to expand the service to the global markets. You can read more about this revolutionary service here:

ENSCC Smart Commuting General Assembly Meeting in Switzerland

Our second General Assembly Meeting in Winterthur, Switzerland, was full of partners’ results from the first half or our project and also workshops generating new insights – for example about stakeholder involvement in the three countries represented in our project:

The next General Assembly will be held inSeptember 2017, in Finland.

Tuup and Vinka to launch on-demand robot bus service in Finland during 2017

This robot bus service is developed together with Tuup’s strategic partner Vinka and Sohjoa project (, coordinated by Metropolia University of applied sciences. Smart Commuting project has not been involved in the development, but we are of course following the progress and looking for the possibilities to collaborate with Sohjoa project in the evaluation of such mobility concepts from the viewpoint of commuters and other mobile workers.

The original press release (In Finnish) is from 28.11.2016.

The Growth Corridor Finland together with the Finnish State has signed a Growth Agreement aimed at developing a coherent labor market and business and cooperative area that attracts people and international investment.

Based on the agreement,  all the transportation actors have the opportunity to apply for regional innovation and experimentation funding, especially aimed at improving internal and external accessibility.

The applications will be evaluated in the Steering Group of Growth Corridor Finland.

More information (In Finnish):