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Kyyti: revolutionary taxi-pooling service launched in Finland

Yesterday, our project partner Tuup launched a taxi-pooling service in Finland called Kyyti. Kyyti service is based on sharing the same taxi with other customers. The prices start from only 2 euros for a ride.

Kyyti is an example of such a service that the Smart Commuting project is for: a new sustainable service that solves the last mile problem in a customer-oriented way. This new service is expected to drastically change the way people commute by enabling smarter travel chains. Kyyti improves the offerings both in the cities and the rural areas.

Tuup, together with its strategic partners, has developed this service partly in Smart Commuting project. The purpose is also to expand the service to the global markets. You can read more about this revolutionary service here:


ENSCC Smart Commuting General Assembly Meeting in Switzerland

Our second General Assembly Meeting in Winterthur, Switzerland, was full of partners’ results from the first half or our project and also workshops generating new insights – for example about stakeholder involvement in the three countries represented in our project:

The next General Assembly will be held inSeptember 2017, in Finland.

Tuup and Vinka to launch on-demand robot bus service in Finland during 2017

This robot bus service is developed together with Tuup’s strategic partner Vinka and Sohjoa project (, coordinated by Metropolia University of applied sciences. Smart Commuting project has not been involved in the development, but we are of course following the progress and looking for the possibilities to collaborate with Sohjoa project in the evaluation of such mobility concepts from the viewpoint of commuters and other mobile workers.

The original press release (In Finnish) is from 28.11.2016.

ISTmobil with their clients and company partners win Climate Star 2016 award from Climate Alliance Europe

In the Category of Municipal Networks Bezirk Korneuburg and ISTmobil won the Climate Star 2016 awarded by Climate Alliance Europe. In this respect, our project has three excellent networks of stakeholders to look into.

Vienna Mobile Lab

Vienna Mobile Lab (WienMobile-lab) is the latest mobility application developed by the New Urban Mobility Vienna Ltd. This smartphone application combines different Viennese transport and mobility partners in a single application and also allows the reservation and ticketing for the whole journey. Similarly to the application developed by Tuup Oy, mentioned before, this application offers a lot of information (such as environmental footprint, price and travel time) of the selected route to help the passenger to identify the best route for their needs.

Vienna Mobile Lab is still a laboratory product, but interested testers can already load the application freely from Google Play and iTunes. The simple feedback option of the application makes it possible for testers to send their ideas and thus codesign the application with developers.

The launch of the new application is also a starting point for the first major survey of the multimodal mobility patterns in Vienna – a study that will be very relevant to our Smart Commuting project.


The Neue Urbane Mobilität Wien GmbH (New Urban Mobility Vienna Ltd.) is a 100% subsidiary of Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG (Vienna Municipal Works Holding Corporation) and is thus owned by the city of Vienna.

First version of Tuup application available for download

In April 2016 Tuup Oy launched their free application for devices running Android and iOS.

With this first version you can:

  • search for routes on foot, by bike, public transportation, car or taxi all around Finland.
  • compare between travel time, price and CO2 emissions
  • check the departures from your closest stop in major Finnish cities
  • search for rental car pick-up points and available cars
  • hail a taxi in several areas
  • buy tickets for public transportation in Turku area


For more information visit:


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